BadgeKit and Open Badges Resources

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This page details some of the many resources and utilities you may find helpful when working with BadgeKit and Open Badges generally. Some of these tools will not be relevant to you if you are using BadgeKit because it does lots of the work for you! However, you may find useful links below if you are building a badging system with the BadgeKit APIs or implementing anything within the Open Badges framework.

For introductory information about Open Badges:

For information about BadgeKit:

This list is a work in progress and will continue to be developed.



Issuer Onboarding:

New Issuers - Give Yourself a Badge

Issuer API (to let earners to add an issuer's badges to their Mozilla Backpack):

Backpack Connect API (for managing persistent access to the Mozilla Backpack):

Revoking issued badges:

Issuer Checklist:

Using SVG Badges:

Building Badges

Have a go at building a badge using Badge Lab:

Also see the tutorial:

Browse the Badge Lab source code:


Open Badges Metadata Validator:

Each badge is defined using an assertion. If you are using BadgeKit to define and design your badges, you may not need to build assertion data manually, although you will deal with the contained data items if you use the BadgeKit APIs to retrieve badge information. If you are building a system in which you need to define a badge assertion, save yourself and your team a potential headache and validate the data before you deploy it.

Source code for validator Web front-end:

You can also use the validator within your application code:

The assertion specification:

...and assertion introduction:

Creating signed assertions:


Baked badges are image files with badge assertion data embedded in their metadata. If you use the Issuer API, it handles baking for you.

This command line tool is an Open Badges image baking library that works with PNGs and SVGs:

The Web baker interface also bakes badges using the URL of a badge assertion:

You can use the baker via the API:

GitHub repo for Web front-end for the bakery tool:


BadgeKit Web app: works in conjunction with the API:

Check out the BadgeKit tutorial for an overview of using the hosted private beta version:

See the API Introduction to see how you can build on top of BadgeKit:

The guide to using BadgeKit API takes you through the steps you need to get started accessing the API endpoints:

Overview of how assessment works with BadgeKit:

If you want to create a self-hosted instance of BadgeKit, see the guide:

If you're having trouble getting your own instance of BadgeKit working, see the troubleshooting guide:

If you want to use the User API to manage BadgeKit user accounts, see the guide:

BadgeKit API Client for node.js:

Watch our BadgeKit webinar trainings for a full walk-through of the tools:

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the BadgeKit Help section:


Badge Test is a utility you can use to issue badges to the Backpack instance of your choosing:

See the GitHub docs for more information:

...and the How To for instructions on using the tool:


Displayer Onboarding:

The Mozilla Backpack includes the Displayer API for retrieving earner badges:

The Open Badges Displayer script automates an interactive display of baked badges using only client-side code:


Tutorial on badge verification:

Finding Badges

The Discover project:

...and source code:

Open Badges directory:

... source code:

Open Badges Concepts

Get Started with Open Badges:

Open Badges FAQs:

Open Badges and BadgeKit Glossary:

Read the Open Badges blog to keep up with developments:

Backpack user tutorial:

Getting Involved

You can get involved in the Open Badges projects in a number of ways (including through the GitHub repos listed above).

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