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An OpenBadges image baking library that works with PNGs and SVGs
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$ npm install openbadges-bakery

CLI Usage


$ oven [--in ./path/to/image.png] [--out ./path/to/baked-image.png] <data>

If --out is not set, the baked image will print to stdout.

The input file can also be piped into stdin.

$ oven <data> <  ./path/to/image.png  > ./path/to/baked-image.png


$ oven [--in path/to/image.png] --extract

Same as above, you can also pipe a file to stdin. The data will be printed to stdout.

Libary Usage

bakery.bake(options callback);

Bakes some data into an image.

Options are

  • image: either a buffer or a stream representing the PNG to bake
  • data: the data to put into the badge. At this point, it should likely be a URL pointing to a badge assertion

callback has the signature function(err, imageData)

bakery.debake(image, callback);

Gets the URL from a baked badge and attempts to retreive the assertion at the other end.

image should be a stream or a buffer

callback has the signature function (err, object) where object is expected to be a OpenBadges assertion.

bakery.extract(image, callback)

Gets the data from the baked badge.

callback has the signature function (err, data)

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