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100644 8 lines (8 sloc) 191 Bytes
c9cda4b ignore tilde files.
Lloyd Hilaiel authored
1 *~
5572525 @ianb Add inlining and compressing script for include.html
ianb authored
2 site/tools/htmlcompressor-0.9.8.jar
3 site/tools/yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar
4 site/tools/
83832ae @ianb Create a script to create trimmed-down and minimized set of static files
ianb authored
5 site/tools/build-compressor
0d815cc @anantn Update .gitignore to ignore deps/
anantn authored
6 deps/
49073f9 @anantn Fix some issues with review comments for pull request #134
anantn authored
7 addons/jetpack/mac/foxlauncher.o
8 openwebapps.xpi
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