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This lists all the pages that have so far been linked to from the
Also in several pages there have been links to a section of the page.
The sections need not be in the order given here, but should have the
same names (or the .md documents should be updated).
"Installation Flow"
This could also link to verification.html
Should list what browsers we plan to support (IE8+, Firefox 3.6+, ...?)
"It is easy to imagine server-based repositories" -- speculative/discussion
"web browser synchronization techniques to copy application manifests"
Obviously link to Firefox Sync, emphasize some cross-browser sync
implementations, and server-side implementation.
Obviously link to the project, describe how it is used here.
Speculative/discussion of what this could be
Talk about the code, link to repo
#JS_API (install, etc)
#install (func)
Big page! Describes the entire manifest.
#capabilities (probably deserves a second page of its own)
Should note differences/reasons between this and Chrome store manifest
Not linked to from anywhere, but should be and should exist
linked from web-or-native
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