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-## Building the Add-On
-You have to install the Jetpack SDK locally. Get it from tip.
-To use Jetpack with 4.0b5 or nightlies, you need to change:
- python-lib/cuddlefish/app-extension/install.rdf
-and change <em:maxVersion> to 4.0b6pre (instead of 4.0b5pre). If this
-is no longer necessary, please delete this node from the README.
-Run "source bin/activate" from your jetpack-sdk checkout. And go to
-addons/firefox/jetpack/appetizer and run:
- cfx xpi
-There will now be an appetizer.xpi which you can install.
-You may have to edit addons/firefox/jetpack/appetizer/package.json
-(and remove "id"). This is fine, but don't commit the result.

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