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Wall API
Public-facing content:
/wall/<wall-name> - show live wall
(always shows most up-to-date session even when a new
session is started)
/wall/<wall-name>/sessions - List of sessions for each wall
(links to gallery view)
If there is only one session, show it in gallery
format? Or just redirect to
/wall/<wall-name>/sessions/<session-id> - show wall corresponding to a given
/wall/<wall-name>/sessions/<session-id>/gallery - show gallery view of session
/wall/<wall-name>/gallery - show latest session in gallery format
/gallery - list all walls that are publicly listed
(links to <wall-name>/sessions)
/characters/<character-id> - shows character with title (HTML embedding)
/characters/<character-id>.svg - shows just SVG file
Wall maker:
[ wall auth reqd for all the following ]
/wall-maker - home screen - wall summary
/wall-maker/walls/new - shows management screen for wall
/wall-maker/walls/<wall-id> - shows management screen for wall
/wall-maker/walls/<wall-id>/sessions - landing page for sessions
/wall-maker/walls/<wall-id>/design - wall design management
/wall-maker/walls/<wall-id>/sessions/<session-id> - show characters for given
/api/userSummary - returns list of walls and designs [Probably will remove this]
/api/characters[POST] - upload a character for a specified wall, position
[passcode may be req'd]
/api/characters/<character-id>[PUT] - edit character (e.g. disable) [wall auth reqd]
/api/characters/<character-id>[DELETE] - remove character [wall auth reqd]
/api/characters/<character-id>/email[POST] - emails to character to specified address
/api/walls - get list of walls for currently logged-in user [session reqd]
/api/walls[POST] - create new wall [session reqd]
/api/walls/<wall-id> - gets details for wall [wall auth reqd]
/api/walls/<wall-id>[PUT] - update wall details [wall auth reqd]
/api/walls/<wall-id>[DELETE] - remove wall [wall auth reqd]
/api/walls/<wall-id>/characters - return live list of characters for the given
wall [_Server-sent events_]
/api/walls/<wall-id>/sessions[POST] - create new session [wall auth reqd]
- must post most recent session ID
/api/walls/<wall-id>/sessions/<session-id>[PUT] - close session [wall auth reqd]
/api/walls/<wall-id>/sessions/<session-id>/characters - return (non-live) list
of characters for given
wall and session
/api/designs - returns list of designs IDs, names, durations, media [not really needed]
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