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# Make file for parapara library and editor
# Source directories
srcdir = lib/js
shareddir = ../shared
sharedjsdir = $(shareddir)/js
# Output directory
builddir = build
# Dependencies (these are combined into the library)
_deps = bind.js \
deps = $(patsubst %,$(srcdir)/%,$(_deps))
# External dependencies (these are simply copied alongside the library when the
# 'export' step is run)
# Removing webL10n for now since we've made local modifications to it that are
# yet to be merged upstream
# extdeps = $(shareddir)/webL10n/l10n.js
extdeps =
# Modules (these are combined into the library)
modules = $(srcdir)/parapara.js \
$(srcdir)/eraser.js \
$(srcdir)/svgClassList.js \
# File list
files = $(modules) $(deps)
# Output list
parapara = $(builddir)/parapara.core.js
parapara-dev = $(builddir)/parapara-dev.core.js
# Default target
all: lib
# Compressed version
$(parapara): $(parapara-dev)
java -jar tools/yuicompressor-2.4.7.jar --type js $^ -o $@
# Debug version
$(parapara-dev): $(files)
cat > $@ $^
lib: $(parapara)
.PHONY: clean export
rm -f $(parapara) $(parapara-dev)
# Export the output to elsewhere in the project
export_paths = public/js
export: $(parapara) $(parapara-dev) $(extdeps)
for path in $(export_paths); do \
mkdir -p $$path; \
cp $^ $$path; \
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