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This is the main development environment for working on Mozilla payments.

Circle CI


Deployment / QA

The following instructions are for using pre-built containers for deployment or QA purposes.

  • git clone

  • cd payments-env

  • docker-compose -f docker-compose-deploy.yml up -d

  • Find the IP address of your docker system.

    • On OS X using boot2docker you can find the address of a container by boot2docker ip
  • Edit your /etc/hosts file so that the host resolves to your IP. For example, you might add this line to /etc/hosts:
  • Run docker-compose up -d

  • Open the example site at


Bootstrap your Payments environment by checking out this repository and running the command. It will automatically check out all other repos into a directory next to your payments-env directory named mozilla-payments, download the appropriate Docker images, and start them.

The only things left will be output at the end of the bootstrap, naming changing your /etc/hosts file to map your Docker's IP to and sourcing the created ENV file from your shell for the Braintree Environment variables.

Once you're done, open the example site at

Now you're good to go!

Updating Your Environment

Run ./ to pull the latest version of the master branch on all repos, get new Docker images, and restart all Docker images.

To do this manually, run these commands:

  • Run git pull in each linked repository (or only in payments-env if you're using pre-built containers).
  • Run docker-compose stop to make sure all containers are not running.
  • Run docker-compose pull to get the latest images and rebuild if necessary.
  • Run docker-compose up -d to start the new containers.


There are two docker configurations:

  • docker-compose.yml is for development purposes and requires the source to be checked out.
  • docker-compose-deploy.yml is for deployment purposes and contains the application source.

Updating images

If you update the nginx image, run the command This will update the image and push it to docker hub.


Test are run on circle ci for payments-env. We need to figure out how to run them regularly.