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This is an (incomplete) list of people who have contributed to the
codebase which lives in this repository. If you make a contribution
here, you may add your name and, optionally, email address in the
appropriate place.
Adil Allawi <@ironymark>
Andreas Gal <>
Artur Adib <>
Brendan Dahl <>
Bill Walker <>
Chris G Jones <>
David Quintana <>
Felix Kälberer <@fkaelberer>
Jakob Miland <>
Jonas Jenwald <>
Julian Viereck
Justin D'Arcangelo <>
Kalervo Kujala
Ophir Lojkine <@lovasoa>
Rob Wu <>
Shaon Barman <>
Tim van der Meij <>
Vivien Nicolas <>
Yury Delendik <>
waddlesplash <@waddlesplash>
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