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pdf.js fails to load font in "thesis-draft.pdf" #1655

jwise opened this Issue May 04, 2012 · 4 comments

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Joshua Wise Yury Delendik Brendan Dahl
Joshua Wise
jwise commented May 04, 2012

In , the font should be Bitstream Charter, but is rendered as some sans-serif font with incorrect metrics. The error console indicates that the font got rejected by the sanitizer, but it renders ok in, say,

Yury Delendik

OTS output:

ERROR at ../src/ (bool <anonymous namespace>::ExecuteType2CharString(size_t, const ots::CFFIndex &, const ots::CFFIndex &, ots::Buffer *, ots::Buffer *, std::stack<int32_t> *, bool *, bool *, size_t *))

ERROR at ../src/ (bool ots::ValidateType2CharStringIndex(const ots::CFFIndex &, const ots::CFFIndex &, const std::map<uint16_t, uint8_t> &, const std::vector<CFFIndex *> &, const ots::CFFIndex *, ots::Buffer *))

ERROR at ../src/ (bool ots::ots_cff_parse(ots::OpenTypeFile *, const uint8_t *, size_t))

ERROR at ../src/ (bool <anonymous namespace>::ProcessGeneric(ots::OpenTypeFile *, ots::OTSStream *, const uint8_t *, size_t, const std::vector<OpenTypeTable> &, ots::Buffer &))

Failed to sanitise file!

dup of #818?

Joshua Wise
jwise commented May 06, 2012

Note that this file was generated with LaTeX, not with MS Word, if that differentiates any. I can ask the author for a copy of the original font file, if it helps.

Brendan Dahl

Looks like another instance of the seac operator which we don't support currently.

Yury Delendik yurydelendik closed this October 13, 2012
Yury Delendik

Closing as fixed

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