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Problems with named destinations #2928

neves053 opened this Issue · 17 comments

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Good Morning,

I have a PDF file which has 300 pages an have a lot of named destinations in it. When I create a link to one of them, the PDF Viewer opens the file on the first page but not there where it should.

Best Regards,



Can you please provide a link to a PDF file exhibiting the issue you describe.

@neves053 It used to work fine, and it works for other browsers.


I can't reproduce this issue either, in my testing every destination I've tried seems to work as it should.
My configuration: Windows 7 (64-bit), Nightly 22 (buildID: 20130311030946) and pdf.js 0.7.349.

Please provide more information regarding your configuration, i.e. operating system, browser version and pdf.js version.


My configuration : Window 7 (64 bit), Firefox 19.0.2, pdf.js 0.7.236


It works with the development version. Does anybody knows how long will it take until the next update ?


It will be updated in the next Firefox release, scheduled for early april. For exact dates, see:


Thanks a lot.

@neves053 neves053 closed this


I have the latest pdf.js (0.8.1), Firefox 20.0.1 and the same named destination loss of functionality is occurring as neves053 mentioned above:
I have a PDF file which has 2236 pages and has many named destinations. When I create a link to one of them, the PDF Viewer opens the file on the first page but not there where it should.
Try the links:



@gdwvcd As of this writing, the latest version of pdf.js is version 0.8.49, but I don't think that updating to a the latest version will help. That is if I understand your issue correctly:

If you first open one of your files, e.g. and once it has loaded then add #nameddest=John.3.16 to the address, does that work?
I'm guessing that will work (since it works in my testing), but opening the full link right away doesn't? If so, then you are seeing the same issue as I have previously reported, see #3068.


I had not tried opening the file first and then adding the #nameddest=... but that does work just as you've specified; Yes this is the same issue as you previously reported: #3068.


@gdwvcd The issue is resolved by #3135. If you need this function right away you can install the development version of pdf.js:


Hello there!

I am having a hard time getting the named destination feature to work.
I did try it out with Firefox 35-36 in Windows, Linux and OSX without success.
PDFJS.version = '1.0.937'; = '308646d';
Latest release or trunk did not help either.

I did the same tests back in december with the same results. It seams, that after a certain release it is just not supported anymore.

It did not matter if i did pass the param (#nameddest=XYZ) after or before the pdf was loaded. I always did check if the doc has a named destination and also no spaces in between like: 1.2 XYZ.

As described in the wiki this should, but it does not:

Can this issue maybe be reopened or should a new one be created?



@4F2E4A2E, There is no such named destination in the PDF file. You can only use what's listed in the Root->Names->Dests object, e.g.*.13


This is not the named destination functionality, the correct parameter is Bibliography (works on chrome).

"appendix.13" as also "chapter.1" are destinations on the PDF the same way as page=1 and so on. They also work without the parameter "nameddest":

That's is &/ happens to be something else than the named destination, since the heading is Bibliography. As one can see even pdf.js resolves it corretly in the document structure panel:
2015-02-24 21_29_28-lshort pdf

Maybe the document from univie is not best suitable document for testing, it could easily have the named destination name mixed up with destination / section. Never trust a latex document, unless you have created it ;)

-> Here is why i still think that named destinations are not working with pdf.js:

Take this example (works on chrome): <- named destination is not working and the outline link shows something like this: #page=3&zoom=auto,68,771 and not the section of it.

This is how this can be reproduced:
Create a word doc with simple headlines
Export it as PDF minding the right outline / headline options
Try to open the document with the named destination parameter on firefox

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