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Fix PageView cache re-insertions. #4936

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Nicholas Nethercote Yury Delendik
Nicholas Nethercote

If a PageView is re-inserted into the cache, there's a splice() call done which I'm pretty sure is supposed to just remove the existing copy. But in Firefox a.splice(n) has a special behaviour -- it causes every element after the nth to be removed. (See for details. I don't know what it does in other browsers.) This causes pages to be removed from the cache without having destroy() called on them.

This patch changes it to a.splice(n, 1), which always removes just the single element.

(BTW, there are two splice(i) calls in src/shared/util.js that may also be buggy.)

Yury Delendik

Trivial. Thanks

Yury Delendik yurydelendik merged commit 69d7227 into from
Nicholas Nethercote nnethercote deleted the branch
Nicholas Nethercote

Yury, do you think the splice(i) calls in src/shared/util.js are buggy?

Yury Delendik

do you think the splice(i) calls in src/shared/util.js are buggy?

Maybe, but there are not that important -- there are related to the unhandled rejections in the Promise polyfill.

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Commits on Jun 13, 2014
  1. Nicholas Nethercote
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  1. +1 −1  web/ui_utils.js
2  web/ui_utils.js
@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ var Cache = function cacheCache(size) {
this.push = function cachePush(view) {
var i = data.indexOf(view);
if (i >= 0) {
- data.splice(i);
+ data.splice(i, 1);
if (data.length > size) {
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