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PDF Viewer (Chrome extension)

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The PDF Viewer is a Chrome extension that displays PDF files using PDF.js.
Install it from .

End-user documentation


See What are the PDF.js keyboard shortcuts? for shortcuts and other advanced UI features.


Visit chrome://extensions/?options=oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm to change the default settings, such as whether to enable the hand tool by default, or to enable tools for debugging PDF.js.

By default, the extension is disabled in incognito mode and on local files. Visit chrome://extensions/?id=oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm and click on "Allow in incognito" to allow PDF files to be viewed in incognito mode, and "Allow access to file URLs" to allow local PDF files to be viewed.

Administrators can also use Group policies to set the default settings for deployment in an educational or enterprise environment. See for documentation.

Report an issue

Found a defect? Open a new issue and include a clear description of the problem (see

There is also a support page at the Chrome Web Store (, but it's not read very often due to the lack of notifications.

Privacy policy

As of version 1.5.285, the extension sends at most two pings a day to so that the developers know which versions of Chrome we need to take into account. The source code and privacy policy are published at

Release process

Rob Wu (@Rob--W) maintains the Chrome extension and manages its listing in the Chrome Web Store. Contact him for questions about the extension (e.g. "When will the PDF Viewer be updated?").

The release process is as follows:

  1. Update the cws-release@Rob--W branch to the master branch.
  2. Apply extra patches on top of the cws-release. This is only done for (critical) bugs that impact the usability of the PDF viewer.
  3. Build and test the extension.
  4. Look at the user feedback at the Chrome Web Store support page and check whether the bugs are fixed.
  5. Upload to the Chrome Web Store dashboard.
  6. Push changes to cws-release@Rob--W branch, tag the release at and respond to bugs reports on PDF.js's issue tracker and the Chrome Web Store support page.