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# syntax:
# No -j on first line, to clear out .pot file (Issue#1170)
# messages.po is server side strings
xgettext --keyword=_ -L Perl --output-dir=locale/templates/LC_MESSAGES --from-code=utf-8 --output=messages.pot\
`find lib -name '*.js' | grep -v 'i18n.js' | grep -v jwcrypto`
xgettext -j -L PHP --keyword=_ --output-dir=locale/templates/LC_MESSAGES --output=messages.pot `find resources/views -name '*.ejs'`
xgettext -j -L PHP --keyword=_ --output-dir=locale/templates/LC_MESSAGES --output=messages.pot `find resources/email_templates -name '*.ejs'`
# client.po
# js
xgettext -L Perl --output-dir=locale/templates/LC_MESSAGES --from-code=utf-8 --output=client.pot\
`find resources/static -name '*.js' | grep -v /lib/ | grep -v /build/ | grep -v /production/ | grep -v 'gettext.js'`
xgettext -j -L Perl --output-dir=locale/templates/LC_MESSAGES --output=client.pot `find resources/static/dialog/ -name '*.js' | grep -v include.js`
# ejs
xgettext -j -L PHP --keyword=_ --output-dir=locale/templates/LC_MESSAGES --output=client.pot `find resources/static -name '*.ejs'`
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