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Commits on Feb 1, 2012
  1. @lloyd
  2. @shane-tomlinson @lloyd

    Fixing the complete registration flow when the browser the user compl…

    shane-tomlinson authored lloyd committed
    …etes registration is different from the one they started at.
    * in check_registration.js, the "auth" message has been changed to "authenticate"
    * in user.js, when the registration poll completes, set the "known" field of the address in the addressInfo cache to "true"
    issue #1026
  3. @lloyd
  4. @lloyd
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
  1. @lloyd
  2. @lloyd

    Merge pull request #969 from mozilla/hotfix_964_incorrect_idp_address

    lloyd authored
    Print the correct URL for where the user is being redirected to.
  3. @lloyd
  4. @lloyd

    add resources now required by main site given fix for issue #956 - ma…

    lloyd authored
    …in site needs browser-support.js
  5. @lloyd

    publish a javascript file which provides our 'authentication' API to …

    lloyd authored
    …abstract primaries away from the communication details with an API that's forwards compatible with native browser support. closes #909
  6. @lloyd

    for IE8 during keygen on behalf of a primary, knock down keylength. a…

    lloyd authored
    …lso, shorten cert duration globally (for now). closes #956
  7. @lloyd

    add Cache-Control headers to prevent IE from caching api responses fo…

    lloyd authored
    …r in-tree testing primary
  8. @lloyd

    remove check that prevents running with fake verification in producti…

    lloyd authored
    …on. This will allow us to run stage with minified resources and fake verification always enabled so we can loadgen and QA at will. closes #939 from my side
  9. @lloyd

    Merge pull request #962 from mozilla/hotfix_958_ie8_verify_primary_ex…

    lloyd authored
    Fix IE8 throwing an exception before redirecting to IdP for user authentication.
  10. @lloyd

    Merge pull request #961 from mozilla/hotfix_955_ie8_provisioning

    lloyd authored
    Fixing IE8 going into quirks mode in the provisioning page.
  11. @shane-tomlinson
  12. @shane-tomlinson
  13. @shane-tomlinson
  14. @shane-tomlinson
  15. @lloyd
  16. @shane-tomlinson @lloyd

    Fix scrollbar showing in the Required Email screen if email is a prim…

    shane-tomlinson authored lloyd committed
    Set the max-height to 130px instead of 110px.
    issue #947
  17. @shane-tomlinson @lloyd

    Everywhere we use an opacity, add an IE8 filter.

    shane-tomlinson authored lloyd committed
    issue #929
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
  1. @shane-tomlinson
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
  1. @lloyd
  2. @lloyd
  3. @shane-tomlinson

    Updating the code_check code for production/development modes.

    shane-tomlinson authored
    * Add __BROWSERID_CODE_VERSION__ to specify code version
    * Add __BROWSERID_ENVIRONMENT__ to specify the production environment.
    issue #226.
  4. @shane-tomlinson

    Fixing production settings in debug environment.

    shane-tomlinson authored
    * include.js pointed to the production resource.
    * use_minified_version was incorrectly set to true.
Commits on Jan 17, 2012
  1. @lloyd
  2. @lloyd

    cache busting: add 'enable_code_version' configuration - when true re…

    lloyd authored
    …turn 'code_version' in session_context - also /production/XXX_vYYY.{js,css} calls now map back to /production/XXX.{js,css} - issue #226
  3. @lloyd

    add version.js - a small abstraction which extracts a 7char abbrev sh…

    lloyd authored
    …a from the current source - issue #226
  4. @lloyd
  5. @shane-tomlinson

    Prevent Android from launching Email, fix Safari on Mobile meta tag e…

    shane-tomlinson authored
    * Add the <meta name="format-detection" content="email=no" /> tag for android.
    * Replace the ;'s with ,'s in the <meta name="viewport".. /> tag for Webkit.
    close #345
    close #815
  6. @shane-tomlinson
  7. @shane-tomlinson

    Grey out buttons and disable the forms whenenver there is an XHR requ…

    shane-tomlinson authored
    …est occuring.
    * Add the "xhr_disable_form" module - whenever there is an XHR request, it greys out all buttons.
    * Fix the tests that were borked yesterday.
    issue #905
    issue #888
  8. @shane-tomlinson
Commits on Jan 16, 2012
  1. @shane-tomlinson

    Starting to add "this request is taking" too long screen in the dialo…

    shane-tomlinson authored
    …g and main site.
    * Moving /static/dialog/controllers/page.js to static/shared/modules/page_module.js
    * Adding /static/shared/modules/xhr_delay.js
    * Updating tests.
    * Updating compress script.
    * Update includes list.
    * Make the error/wait screens display using CSS transitions.
    issue #905
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