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Commits on Aug 31, 2012
  1. @klrmn @lloyd

    squash automation specific test fixes from dev

    klrmn authored lloyd committed
Commits on Aug 18, 2012
  1. @lloyd

    lockdown v0.0.2 - uses a more specific ENV var than PORT to fix confl…

    lloyd authored
    …ict in deployment environment
  2. @lloyd

    update changelog with lockdown

    lloyd authored
  3. @lloyd

    Merge pull request #2270 from mozilla/lockdown-issue2022

    lloyd authored
    use npm-lockdown
  4. @lloyd
  5. @lloyd

    lockdown our dependencies

    lloyd authored
  6. @lloyd

    (selenium tests) fix enemy #1 - turn two distinct transactions into a…

    lloyd authored
    … signle transaction to fix StaleElementErrors seen during ChangePassword tests /cc @klrmn @zac @6a68
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. @lloyd

    noop commit to test CI

    lloyd authored
  2. @zaach

    Merge pull request #2356 from mozilla/saucelabs_script

    zaach authored
    A script to run all selenium tests against saucelabs from the command line or another script
  3. @lloyd

    A script to run tests against saucelabs (w/ contributions from Leah […

    lloyd authored
    …:klrmn] Klearman and Zach [:zcarter] Carter)
  4. @shane-tomlinson

    Merge pull request #2337 from zaach/issue_2277_signup_redirect

    shane-tomlinson authored
    Issue #2277 signup redirect
    This gets an r+ from me.  Nice cleanup as well @zaach.
    close #2277
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
  1. @zaach
  2. @zaach
  3. @6a68

    Squashed 'automation-tests/browserid/' changes from f4063ba..4c10bb2

    6a68 authored
    4c10bb2 Merge pull request #42 from zacc/add_is_this_your_computer
    a490f28 Add methods and test for 'is this your computer'
    git-subtree-dir: automation-tests/browserid
    git-subtree-split: 4c10bb2b2c46b6b56d224f52945b55c4e1c256f1
  4. @lloyd

    Merge pull request #2321 from klrmn/stabilize_tests

    lloyd authored
    avoid running tests that require --email
  5. @zaach

    Merge pull request #2323 from mozilla/2307-noexpire-secondary

    zaach authored
    Bug #2307: don't expire existing sessions when adding a secondary address
Commits on Aug 15, 2012
  1. @warner

    Bug #2307: don't expire existing sessions when adding a secondary add…

    warner authored
    If a account is initially created with a "primary"
    address (meaning an address served by a participating IdP, so is given an assertion from that IdP as proof of ownership),
    the new account will not have a password associated with it. If you then
    add a "secondary" address (meaning an address *not* served by a
    participating IdP, requiring an email challenge to prove ownership), you
    will have to set up a password when you add the secondary. The
    establishment of this password should *not* invalidate any sessions that
    were set up earlier.
    In Bug #2307, this manifested as the first browser (in which the
    add-secondary-email operation was started, so it had the old session and
    was waiting for the operation to complete, polling
    /wsapi/email_addition_status all the while) receiving a "400
    Unauthorized" error when the email challenge link was opened in a second
    browser (which thus got a new session).
    The test for this effect lives in tests/primary-then-secondary-test.js,
    which need the same 2-second delay as password-update-test.js (to make
    sure that the modified lastPasswordReset time was actually different
    than the previous value, so the session really would be expired).
  2. @klrmn

    avoid running tests that require --email

    klrmn authored
    avoiding them in two ways,
    * -m travis
    * skip if == None
    also, longer timeouts
  3. @lloyd

    Merge pull request #2316 from ozten/doc-removal

    lloyd authored
    Removing per lloyd
  4. @ozten

    Removing per lloyd

    ozten authored
  5. @6a68

    Merge pull request #2315 from mozilla/personaorg_tests

    6a68 authored
    Personaorg tests
  6. @klrmn @6a68

    works for WinXP + IE8

    klrmn authored 6a68 committed
  7. @klrmn @6a68

    working for WinXP FF13

    klrmn authored 6a68 committed
Commits on Aug 14, 2012
  1. @lloyd
  2. @6a68

    Merge pull request #2285 from mozilla/issue_2254_runpy_enhancements

    6a68 authored
    Issue 2254 runpy enhancements
  3. @6a68

    Fix example test config files

    6a68 authored
  4. @6a68
  5. @6a68
  6. @6a68
  7. @shane-tomlinson @6a68

    in include.js, check for renamed input parameters

    shane-tomlinson authored 6a68 committed
    * Use termsOfService over tosURL and privacyPolicy over privacyURL
    * Check for renamed/deprecated tosURL and privacyURL.
    * Check for deprecated requiredEmail.
    * Check for renamed loggedInUser/loggedInEmail
  8. @lloyd

    changes for train-2012.08.17

    lloyd authored
  9. @seanmonstar

    Merge pull request #2273 from mozilla/issue_2231_wrong_email

    seanmonstar authored
    Fix users who enter wrong email address, cancel, enter correct email address then forgot password.
  10. @lloyd

    Merge changes on 'train-2012.07.30' into dev

    lloyd authored
Commits on Aug 13, 2012
  1. @lloyd
  2. @shane-tomlinson
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