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Commits on Nov 29, 2012
  1. @gene1wood

    hotfix changing nodejs spec requirement to >= 0.8.12 because the node…

    gene1wood authored
    … release specifier encodes the platform (el6) : issue #2791
Commits on Nov 28, 2012
  1. @gene1wood
Commits on Nov 15, 2012
  1. @lloyd
  2. @shane-tomlinson @lloyd

    Focus the #authentication_email field when first loading the dialog a…

    shane-tomlinson authored lloyd committed
    …nd the user is not authenticated.
Commits on Nov 10, 2012
  1. @lloyd
Commits on Nov 8, 2012
  1. @lloyd

    Merge pull request #2687 from mozilla/issue2566

    lloyd authored
    add a meta tag to all documents to fix environments with an embedded IE ...
Commits on Nov 7, 2012
  1. @lloyd

    Merge pull request #2683 from jrgm/issue-2682-browserid-spec

    lloyd authored
    fix missing CONTRIBUTORS and renaming of en-US and update Changelog
  2. @lloyd

    add a meta tag to all documents to fix environments with an embedded …

    lloyd authored
    …IE forced into compatibility mode
Commits on Nov 6, 2012
  1. @jrgm
Commits on Nov 1, 2012
  1. @shane-tomlinson

    Merge pull request #2666 from mozilla/awsupdate

    shane-tomlinson authored
    update to awsbox 0.3.3
    r+ Thanks @lloyd!
  2. @zaach

    Merge pull request #2272 from jrgm/backend-code-coverage-2

    zaach authored
    optionally use node-cover when running npm test for backend code coverage data
Commits on Oct 31, 2012
  1. @lloyd

    update to awsbox 0.3.3

    lloyd authored
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
  1. @lloyd

    update changelog after merge of fix for issue #2662 into dev

    lloyd authored
  2. @seanmonstar @lloyd

    fix undefined check of loggedInUser

    seanmonstar authored lloyd committed
    fixes #2662
  3. @jrgm

    optionally use node-cover when running npm test for backend code cove…

    jrgm authored
    …rage data
    To run 'PERSONA_WITH_COVER=1 npm test'.
    Changes to lockdown.json are:
        -> graceful-fs@1.1.14
        -> underscore@1.2.4
        -> underscore.string@2.0.0
        -> cli-table@0.0.2
          -> colors@0.3.0
Commits on Oct 29, 2012
  1. @ozten
  2. @ozten @warner

    Adding vows test to demonstrate a BigTent assertion

    ozten authored warner committed
  3. @warner

    add domain= queryarg to the .well-known fetch

    warner authored
    This should allow multiple primaries to delegate control to the same
    server, by letting the server know which domain we're interested in.
    This is similar to how the HTTP "Host" header enables named-based
    virtual hosting. Both the Verifier and the user agent (specifically the
    /wsapi/address_info handler) will add this argument. Servers which host
    only one key can ignore it.
    Also allow arbitrary queryargs in bin/proxy, otherwise it denies
    requests with queryargs.
    This should help Bigtent do dynamic .well-known lookups.
  4. @warner pass principalDomain through to everything

    warner authored
    We now pass two arguments into each getWellKnown() and
    parseWellKnownBody() call. The "fromDomain" argument changes on each
    delegated lookup (it indicate which server we're fetching
    .well-known/browserid from *right now*), while "principalDomain" remains
    constant (and indicates which domain we really care about, regardless of
    who we're currently asking about them).
    This shouldn't change any behavior. It just paves the way for a later
    change to add principalDomain as a query arg.
  5. @warner

    primary.js: rename 'domain' args

    warner authored
    This renames the various "domain" parameters to avoid collision and
    emphasize what exactly is meant. "fromDomain" is the domain that we're
    currently fetching a .well-known/browserid file from; when we're
    recursively following delegations, fromDomain is different on each loop.
    "principalDomain" is constant: it is taken from the principal's email
    address and remains the same for each loop.
    This shouldn't change any behavior. This paves the way to split
    fromDomain and principalDomain, and to pass principalDomain into each
    getWellKnown() passes its fromDomain parameter off to its callback.. I'm
    not sure why (might be to avoid late-binding confusion in the delgation
    case). That argument was renamed to newDomain in the closures passed
    into getWellKnown(), since previously it sometimes overlapped with the
    "domain" argument being passed in.
  6. @zaach

    Merge pull request #2643 from seanmonstar/test-jshint-options

    zaach authored
    Add complete jshint tests
  7. @lloyd
  8. @lloyd

    changelog for train-2012.10.26

    lloyd authored
Commits on Oct 24, 2012
  1. @seanmonstar

    locking down jshint@0.9.1

    seanmonstar authored
  2. @seanmonstar
  3. @shane-tomlinson

    Merge pull request #2630 from mozilla/issue2628

    shane-tomlinson authored
    Upgrade to node v0.8.12
    Everyone is happy with this.
    close #2628
  4. @seanmonstar
  5. @seanmonstar

    blast our jshint tests with our new jshintrc

    seanmonstar authored
    We have jshintrc files now for different parts of the code. We should
    pump our files through jshint as one of our tests. This shows how to do
    it with the ./lib directory.
  6. @shane-tomlinson

    Merge pull request #2640 from seanmonstar/2636-e-toString

    shane-tomlinson authored
    remove undefined variable: e.toString()
  7. @shane-tomlinson

    Merge pull request #2634 from seanmonstar/2631-rpname-regression

    shane-tomlinson authored
    Fix siteName in dialog regression
    I am comfortable with this fix as a fix to the problem as described.
    The larger problem of elements with duplicate IDs is not yet fully handled. The IDs of the tooltips relating to the email address and password are duplicated in add_email.ejs and set_password.ejs. I tested across several browsers (Firefox OSX, Chrome OSX, Fennec, Android Native browser, IE8 on WinXP) to see if this would cause a problem, so far all the tooltips show when expected.
    This fix gets an r+, opening a new bug for the other duplicate IDs.
    Nice work @seanmonstar.
  8. @shane-tomlinson

    Merge pull request #2639 from seanmonstar/2638-mobile-authenticate-sc…

    shane-tomlinson authored
    add form class to body when authenticate screen shows
    Thanks for the fix @seanmonstar!
    close #2638
  9. @seanmonstar
  10. @seanmonstar
  11. @seanmonstar
  12. @seanmonstar

    Merge pull request #2635 from mozilla/issue2629

    seanmonstar authored
    fix typo in winchan code that ignores unwanted postMessage events
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