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Entering an unknown secondary email to /signin should disable the 'Sign In' button #1579

jrgm opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This is a total UI nit, and has been around for a while; punt it out as much as you want.

On /signin if you enter an secondary email address that is not known to, the UI transitions to show " is not registered. Would you like to sign up instead?", and provides two different links to move to /signup. The UI nit is that the 'Sign In' button is still visibly clickable (it actually takes no action, or at least, does not make any /wsapi call when clicked)

The same behaviour is seen for /signup, if you swap 'known' for 'not known' and 'Verify email' for 'Sign In', etc.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter '' as Email Address
  3. UI shows " is not registered. Would you like to sign up instead? " with two links to /signup
  4. Expected: the 'Sign in' button should be disabled since it does nothing; Actual: 'Sign in' is not disabled
@skinny97214 skinny97214 was assigned

Closing in favour of GH-2120.

@jrgm jrgm closed this

OK, Verifying as a "duplicate" of #2120 which is already closed.

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