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(dev/next-train) dialog 'forgot password' screen missing some context about which email #1580

jrgm opened this Issue · 6 comments

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1. go to or, and click 'Sign in'
2. enter an email secondary address that is previously known to (|
3. when you get prompted for a password, click 'forgot password'
4. Here's the difference. In prod 'reset password' shows the email address that will be reset; in dev, it lacks that context (perhaps this is intended, but it just struck me as curious).

In prod:

In dev:


Agreed, we need a short bit of copy that says this is a password reset


Actually, I was thinking that showing the email address (as it was before) would be good (what email address am I resetting).


Actually, sorry, yeah, you're right. Both copy and what email should be there.

@billder billder was assigned

The tricky thing here is overly associating a specific email address with the password. I'd like for people to associate the password with Persona, and not with one specific email address.

@shane-tomlinson shane-tomlinson referenced this issue from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
@shane-tomlinson shane-tomlinson referenced this issue from a commit
@shane-tomlinson shane-tomlinson Make the in dialog set-password flow work with requiredEmail.
* In set_password.ejs, only show the "cancel" button if not setting the initial password for a required email.
* Update required_email.js to handle the set-password in dialog flow.
* Clean up required_email.js so that it is easier to follow.
* Rename the "add_email_submit_with_secondary" message to "stage_email" - much clearer.
* Show a message whenever resetting the account password.

issue #1638
issue #1580

closed by issue #1889.


Verifying as covered by fixes for #1889 which is already closed.

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