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Mismatched "such as" in Persona's "is this a public computer?" dialog #1607

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If you're at a public computer such as a library or internet cafe

"If you're at a public computer such as a library or an internet cafe" -- A public computer is not a library or cafe.

we'll ask you for your password again in an hour.

You'll actually log me out of all pages after an hour? Or do you mean that I'll be able to log into pages without typing my password for an hour?

(from :jlebar on Buzilla)



Forgive me for being a github newb, but I figure if I comment on this bug I'll hear about changes to it.

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@jlebar there is also a link at the bottom of the page (when you're logged in) called "Enable notifications for this issue" that will do the same thing without the need for a comment

@billder billder was assigned

Wat happens after an hour?

  • I get logged out?
  • I get prompted for my password again, and if I don't respond within X minutes, I'm logged out?
  • I can continue using existing sessions indefinitely, but I can't create new sessions after an hour?

Ditto @jlebar on "what happens after an hour?"

The copy currently looks like


The new copy is an improvement, but I still have a nit to pick:

"No -- For example, if you're on a public computer at a library."

Everything else on this page is a complete sentence, but this one is a sentence fragment, for no good reason.

More generally, I think this page is hard to scan if I skip the question at the top of the page, even if I read everything else. In my completely uninformed opinion, it would make more sense to me if the button descriptions explained what yes / no meant and if they were parallel.

Yes -- You will stay signed in for two weeks.


No -- You're on a public computer.

don't make much sense alone, and lack the parallelism I'd expect.

But perhaps we've left the area of grammar, where I know something, and are entering the area of UX, where I don't.

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closed by #1889.


OK. We can pick this up on the next train (early July).


I don't see the code changes in #1889 that show the copy changes.
@shane-tomlinson can you point me to the changes?


@shane-tomlinson thanks!

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