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/forgot page: email address field not disabled and has keyboard focus #1679

jrgm opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Not sure this is really an issue, since it had this behaviour in train-2012.04.27 (and I think previous). But now that it contains the two additional password fields for entry, it seems odd.


  1. For an existing secondary email address known to, click sign in and enter that email.

  2. When prompted for the password, click forgot password.

The email field is shown in a disabled state, and the keyboard is focused on the first password field.

The email field has focus and can be edited.

Current production: train-2012.04.27:

Current stage: train-2012.05.25:


One note, if the user edits the field and changes it to an unknown user, a tooltip is shown that it is an unknown user.

If the user changes it to a known user, email is sent to that user.

If changed to a primary email address, email is sent to the primary user, which seems wrong.


OK. QA can pick this one up on the next train to "emphemeral Stage".


verified train-2012.08.17

  • Ensure the reset password flow of the main dialog works as expected.
  • Ensure the user cannot reset the password of a primary address.
  • Ensure the /forgot page redirects to /signin if the email address is known.
  • Ensure the /forgot page redirects to /signin if the email address is unknown.
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