identification fails on chrome for iOS (iPad/iPhone) #1870

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cc-lam commented Jun 29, 2012

When trying to do identification on chrome for iPad, we get the following error:

Action: Establishing Relay
Relay frame could not be found


Can u check if your browser cookies are enabled?

cc-lam commented Jun 29, 2012

Yes, cookies are enabled :

Menu -> Settings -> Content Settings -> Accept Cookies = On


Yes. I have duplicated this. BID sign-in does not work with Google Chrome on iOS (iPhone or iPad).
I just installed the app, so everything is app defaulted right now
Settings (default):
Accept Cookies is on
Block Pop-Ups is on
Sign in to Chrome is off
Save Passwords is on
Clear browsing data has not been used

I also see this:
"We are very sorry, there has been an error!"
Please close this window and try again"
Action: Establishing Relay
Relay frame could not be found"

I am able to sign in directly from
I have not tried the sign up route yet.

lloyd commented Jul 5, 2012

4 stars to diagnose

@lloyd lloyd was assigned Jul 5, 2012

I played in jsFiddle for a while, and any way you do it, window.opener is undefined.

At least, I've filed a bug upstream:


Closing in favor of #2034

jbonacci commented Aug 2, 2012

Verifying as a "duplicate" of #2034.

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