Sign In with unknown email results in lame Sign In button #2120

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warner commented Jul 20, 2012

environment: both staging ( and dev ( Both Chrome 21 and FF 17.0a1 (nightly).


  • navigate to (or
  • click "Sign In"
  • enter a new non-primary email address
  • get "ADDR is not registered. Would you like to sign up instead?" dialog. Note that the largest button on the screen is still the blue "Sign In" button on the bottom right.
  • ignore suggestions and click "Sign In"
  • nothing happens
  • click again
  • nothing happens

I'd prefer to see a new non-primary email address redirect me to the Sign Up page, so I can click on the largest button on the screen and get the most useful action. Failing that, I'd prefer that the non-functional Sign In button be disabled, leaving me to follow one of the two smaller links to the Sign Up page.

jrgm commented Jul 20, 2012

GH-1579 discusses the same STR and notes that the similar situation applies for the /signup page. I'm going to close GH-1579 (since finding anything old in GH is a hassle).

jrgm commented Aug 24, 2012

verified train-2012.08.17. The UI has been changed such that there is no separate signup and the button is always active (checking for inputs of course).

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