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Observer API's onlogin leads to an expensive backend call on each page load? #2145

fmarier opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hopefully this is just me not using the Observer API properly, but if you look at the onlogin code in Libravatar, you will see that any onlogin call with a valid assertion will cause this:

  1. the JS front-end does a POST to the backend
  2. the backend then receives this request and does a POST to the Persona verifier
  3. the front-end then does nothing unless the logged in user has changed

Now, I can see a way to eliminate all of this: the JS front-end could parse the assertion and extract the email out of it. However, I'm not sure we want to recommend that people do that.

Is there a better way to handle this?


How does passing loggedInEmail impact this? That should avoid the onlogin call altogether, right? Is there a reason you'd rather not use loggedInEmail?


@callahad I'm using loggedInUser maybe that's the problem.

So if I use loggedInEmail then neither onlogin nor onlogout will fire when the right user is logged in?


@fmarier Correct! Unfortunately, loggedInUser got delayed and hasn't entered production yet. Even worse, I can't update MDN to note the slip. It will go live with our next production push.


As usual, @callahad was right :)

Replacing loggedInUser with loggedInEmail does prevent the unnecessary onlogin calls.

I'll close this bug, but we should make a mental note (if there isn't one already) to make sure that this is well documented.

@fmarier fmarier closed this
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