L10n issues in confirmation e-mail #2212

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The new HTML mails seem to have some problems:

  • One string contains some strange caracters: #~
  • And one string apparently is untranslatable.
@lloyd lloyd was assigned Aug 3, 2012

reproduced, 5 star issue, assigned to me. I'll get to it within 24 hours.


for reference, this issue is not present in our dev branch using debug locale it-CH, expect it's a matter of finding the commit that fixes it and backporting into train-2012.07.30


po2json.js is not properly parsing lines with #~ prepended to them in the pofiles. I don't really understand the conditions under which such a thing is pre-pended.

The fix is a commit to svn:

$ svn diff
Index: po2json.js
--- po2json.js  (revision 108004)
+++ po2json.js  (working copy)
@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@

 var parse_po_dequote = function(str) {
   var match;
-  if (match = str.match(/^"(.*)"/)) {
+  if (match = str.match(/^(?:#~ )?"(.*)"/)) {
     str = match[1]; 
   str = str.replace(/\\"/g, '"');

/cc @zaach (original author of po2json.js)
/cc @mathjazz || @ozten - can one of you make this commit to svn?


@lloyd r+ for this fix

Mozilla member

My understanding of the po file form... tells me this is a bad idea.

Does this only happen in 1 locale? Let's reach out to that author.

If it happens in all locales, it's that gettext thinks we've removed the string and it's keeping a copy so that locale doesn't lose it's work if the string ever comes back.

@lloyd can you work closely with @mathjazz before making a technical decision on how to fix it?


@lloyd did I say r+? I meant r-
@ozten do you think it's bug in the translation?

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I think I know what the bug is.

These strings were moved into email templates under resources/email_templates (I see 4 copies of the string)

The extract script wasn't updated to look for ejs:


Since this is email (server side gettext), these strings should be added to the first block of messages.po commands.


xgettext -j -L PHP --keyword=_ --output-dir=locale/templates/LC_MESSAGES --output=messages.pot `find resources/email_templates -name '*.ejs'`

ok, @mathjazz please find me on irc or email and I can explain the issue in depth, here's irclogs where I explain it to @ozten:


The question is why are these strings being extracted and added to po files with a #~ prefix?


@ozten good call. Your example should replace line 12, since the templates have moved.

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@zaach - cool

The merge step is what causes the

#~ "I'm an old string"

Merge takes messages.pot (which doesn't have this string) and pushes it into the existing messages.po file. Any "deleted" strings are prefixed with #~.


AHA! nice @zaach - yeah, email templates now live under resources/email_templates I will fix the patch in a couple hours unless someone else beats me to it.

Is there any reason not to also fix po2json.js? Because without my change, the #~ prefixes get included in the msgid, which is almost certainly wrong.

@zaach zaach was assigned Aug 3, 2012

@lloyd though seeing #~ does serve as a nice warning that we probably screwed something up.


@zaach I'm sold. we're good.

@mathjazz, this requires a string re-extraction against commits pushed to train-2012.07.30! if this means we don't get translations done in time, then so be it, we will follow your lead on what is reasonable to expect from l10n folks.

@lloyd lloyd closed this Aug 3, 2012

I re-extracted the strings and notified localizers, some of them will translate them, the others will do that for the next release.

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