new-user-secondary-test: about:blank workaround no good, FF, Chrome broken. #2704

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6a68 commented Nov 12, 2012

Because of the unresolved aw,snappage in chrome (see #2691), we open the dialog with an "about:blank" URL in new-user-secondary-test. Unfortunately, FF doesn't handle this too well:

Here's the second browser session video from jenkins job 1944:

Not good. Not sure what to do until we get the fix for the underlying chrome bug. Maybe add a switch to only surf to about:blank when platform includes chrome? I guess browser probably has its capabilities available from within a test, so that's one way to get the info without trying to grab env vars.

Update: looks like chrome is throwing the same error in the dialog:

6a68 commented Nov 13, 2012

also broken, same error, on IE9

6a68 commented Nov 15, 2012

well, it's not the about:blank at all. I think it might be the restmail utility function?

@6a68 6a68 was assigned Nov 15, 2012
6a68 commented Nov 15, 2012

hah, I split vows to change the browser setup calls and reinserted stuff in the wrong order. null was getting passed as the link to open. about:blank stuff wasn't a factor at all.

@6a68 6a68 added a commit that closed this issue Nov 15, 2012
@6a68 6a68 Reorder vows in new-user-secondary. Fixes #2704.
  When I swapped the browser.newSession calls for testSetup.newBrowserSession
  calls, the vows got split in the wrong order, so that null was getting passed
  as the link to the browser.get call.
@6a68 6a68 closed this in cb9bb4c Nov 15, 2012
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