cancel forgot password is not working on required email flow. #754

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As this is a regression, marking 5 stars.

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Steps to reproduce

1) go to, log out.
2) go to, enter in one of your already registered email addresses.
3) click buttons to get browserid dialog.
4) click "forgot password"
5) click "cancel" - oops, nothing happens!

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@lloyd - I was able to cherry pick the above commit into both beta and prod to fix the problem.


Verified against old Prod. UI flows work as expected.

Testing HotFix on and

Cancelling Sign-In to gives the proper "help" message in the RP:
"Oops! looks like there was some trouble getting you added! Please try again below."

Entering/cancelling the "forgot your password?" flow now works as expected.

Normal sign-in path with current account is working.

Normal sign-in path with new account is working.

The "forgot your passowrd?" normal flow works as expected.

Only known issue:
If you sign out of BrowserID and refresh, the email field should clear out, but it stays "populated" with the last used email for that RP.


Will do a final verify in Stage on the next train.


now this issue is really closed. merged into current production (train-2011.12.01) and beta (train-2011.12.08)

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Verified on stage environment (,
Windows XP: (Safari 5.1.2, Firefox 9.0.1, Chrome 16, Opera 11.6, IE 8)
Windows 7 32-bit: (Safari 5.1.2, Firefox 9.0.1, Chrome 16, Opera 11.6, IE 9)
OSX 10.7.2: (Safari 5.1.2, Firefox 9.0.1, Chrome 16, Opera 11.6)
Ubuntu 11.10: (Firefox 9.0.1, Chrome 16)

Change password link works, and cancelling out of that dialog returns
to previous email/password entry screen. Cancelling all the way out
of the dialog shows the "Oops! looks like ..." message in

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