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Upgrade license to MPL 2. #859

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Here's a first cut at upgrading the licence of the BrowseriD codebase to MPL 2, including adding licence blocks to files which lack them. Hopefully I haven't relicensed anything I shouldn't :-)

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Gervase Markham Upgrade license to MPL 2. (closes #859) 7bae598
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@gerv do we need the license on HTML template files? Across our webapps and services, I think the majority do not have a license header.


Every file should have a license statement unless it's trivial. Strictly speaking, without one, the licence is undefined, and the copyright default is "you can't do anything"! People normally don't actually follow that, but it's helpful for us to be clear about our intentions. Historically, we haven't been good at that; we are taking this opportunity to be better :-)


Great work on migrating all these files! Thanks again!

I'd vote to treat CSS and html templates as trivial, but I'll defer to you. I agree it should be a standard across Mozilla webapps and services.


The particular file this note is attached to seems a bit more than trivial to me...

Good rule of thumb: if the licence boilerplate (3 lines) has more lines than the file, either use a PD declaration (2 lines; good for tests) or just leave it off. My script doesn't do this, but I have no problem with others doing it for new files in the future.


I love that you just removed 3200 lines. I'm sold on MPL2 based only on that fact ;)

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Please consider using Apache2 license instead. #5

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Commits on Jan 10, 2012
  1. Upgrade license to MPL 2.

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