How to Branch The Trains

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Persona development occurs in cycles, or "trains". A dynamic schedule is available.

Trains "roll" every other Wednesday afternoon, a process which involves creating a branch, documenting its changes and notifying interested parties. Here's the checklist:

  1. create three branches from the appropriate commit (usually tip of dev)
    • a public branch named train-YYYY.MM.DD
    • a private branch named train-YYYY.MM.DD-secfixes
    • a private branch named train-YYYY.MM.DD-release
  2. go through the diffs since the previous train and update the ChangeLog (example)
  3. commit the changelog to train-YYYY.MM.DD and dev in the public repo
  4. bump the version in dev in scripts/browserid.spec and the changelog (example)
  5. open a bugzilla bug to deploy the train to stage (assign to @jrgm) (example)
  6. ping mathjazz and let him know the train is cut and l10n can proceed. also copy the dev-identity list (example)
  7. update the translation preview environment by cherry-picking the magic commit (533cbe8) and following the instructions appended thereto

Once the train is ready to go, it can be released.