How to Release the Trains

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These instructions follow the branching instructions.


  • hotfixes are added to the public train-YYYY.MM.DD branch
  • security fixes are added to the private train-YYYY.MM.DD-secfixes branch
  • these two branches are never rebased
  • nothing is added directly to the train-YYYY.MM.DD-release branch

When you're ready to push a train to stage:

  1. Reset the private train-YYYY.MM.DD-release branch to the latest public train-YYYY.MM.DD.
  2. Bump RPM version and commit.
  3. Merge the private train-YYYY.MM.DD-secfixes branch into the private train-YYYY.MM.DD-release.
  4. Build RPM from the private train-YYYY.MM.DD-release.
  5. (ops/qa magic takes RPM to stage and then prod)
  6. Merge the private train-YYYY.MM.DD-release branch into to the public train-YYYY.MM.DD branch.
  7. Merge the private train-YYYY.MM.DD-secfixes onto the public dev branch.
  8. Delete train-YYYY.MM.DD* branches from the private repo.