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The Persona BrowserID Bug Process

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Bug Priorities

Bugs are prioritized using a star system ranging from one to five stars. Here are the meanings behind the priorities:

  • ★★★★★ - An issue affecting a significant number (> 1%) of people that makes browserid unusable and/or puts users at risk - all engineering resources should focus on this issue until it's resolved. These issues block trains and warrant hotfixes. (May be filed against dev, beta, or production)
  • ★★★★ - A highly visible defect which is confusing and/or potentially risky for users - or an important new feature.
  • ★★★ - A new feature or a defect for which a user discoverable workaround exists.
  • ★★ - A defect that is not affecting users or a less important feature, and/or has a very unfavorable cost/benefit ratio.
  • - Doesn't affect end users, extremely fringe, a contrived scenario, and/or it's unclear that resolution will have a net positive affect.

Commits and Issues.

The rules:

  1. every commit message should reference an issue.
  2. rule #1 may be broken when the fix takes less time to author and test than the issue would take to open.

Bug Triage Process

How do new bugs filed get assigned a priority?

Triage meetings happen in the Identity vidyo channel on Thursdays from 9:30-10:30am Pacific (see for Identity calendar and info on joining the conference)

  • The triage meeting agenda:
    • briefly review high priority (5 stars) issues, raising visibility and adjusting ownership if needed (to give these a better chance of getting addressed during the week)
    • discuss and triage all unstarred issues, assigning starrage but not ownership (unless 5-star)
    • review issues in maintenance-mode repos:
    • verify new bugs in Bugzilla [rawr] and move them to GitHub issues as needed; Bugzilla -> Mozilla Services -> Server: Identity
    • question why we have a Bugzilla component if we don't use it for collecting bugs.
    • leftover time is spent in the Four Star Hotel, reducing the bug count by reviewing old 4-star bugs and closing where possible.