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Documents for Mozilla's PKI policies - certificate root program, etc.
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Mozilla PKI Policy

This repository contains documents relating to Mozilla's PKI policies, such as its certificate root program. The owner of these documents is the Module Owner of the "Mozilla CA Certificate Policy" module. Their contents can be discussed in the forum.

Root Program

You can find out how to apply to be included in Mozilla's root program. There is also a list of included roots.

Using Mozilla's Root Store

The decisions Mozilla makes with regards to the inclusion or exclusion of CA certificates in its root store are directly tied to the capabilities and behaviours of the software Mozilla distributes. Sometimes, a security change is made wholly or partly in the software instead of the root store. Further, Mozilla does not promise to take into account the needs of other users of its root store when making such decisions.

Therefore, anyone considering bundling Mozilla's root store with other software needs to be aware of the issues surrounding providing a root store, and committed to making sure that they maintain security for their users by carefully observing Mozilla's actions and taking appropriate steps of their own. On a best-efforts basis, Mozilla maintains a list of additional things users of our store might need to consider.

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