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Settings Management API

Funfactory's default settings module provides some useful helper functions that make managing your playdoh app's settings easier.

  • get_apps(exclude=(), append=())

    The get_apps function returns the current INSTALLED_APPS tuple, modified based on the exclude and append parameters, which can be tuples or lists. INSTALLED_APPS originates in funfactory's file, containing the default suite of funfactory apps, but can be modified using this function to add or remove apps as necessary for your project.

    The state of the INSTALLED_APPS tuple returned by this function persists so that you can modify it as necessary for your app in settings/ and then further modify it for your local install in settings/


    INSTALLED_APPS = get_apps(
        exclude=('cronjobs', 'djcelery'),
  • get_middleware(exclude=(), append=())

    Similar to get_apps, this function returns the current MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES tuple and persists its state through the various settings files.

  • get_template_context_processors(exclude=(), append=())

    Again, similar to get_apps but returns the current TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS tuple and persists its state through the various settings files.

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