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Update jingo to latest master tip (5e985a5)

5e985a5 Merge pull request #49 from dpoirier/document-templates-from-strings
0a4c203 Document how to use Jingo when template is in a string
883d57e Merge pull request #48 from magopian/tox
debfaf4 use tox
3b64b76 Merge pull request #43 from berkerpeksag/py3-support
b40ccfc Add Python 3 support.
95b30e6 Support showing template source with debug toolbar
6ece259 Use split because we want the left-most part.
736467a Revert "Split template_name into dirname and basename."
962754e Split template_name into dirname and basename.
a7bdc1e Merge pull request #37 from berkerpeksag/readme-update
65f6af9 Fix a typo.
2cf6cb4 Update README.rst.
b51c879 Merge pull request #40 from berkerpeksag/unused-import
071dcf1 Merge pull request #41 from berkerpeksag/fix-deprecated-function
8269c7e Remove unused import "patch".
abee47e django.conf.urls.defaults is deprecated.
5c5df00 Fix field_attrs test.
c619c1e Update travis config with django versions.
e47a4a7 Copyright updates for 2013.
d47b0a1 Update Django version.
f202360 Merge pull request #39 from jerenept/patch-1
deb38c6 Fixed typo in readme.rst
581e275 Merge pull request #38 from berkerpeksag/patch-1
9fe2329 Update the example in the usage section.
15cb6d4 Issue #24 - Add the context_processors app to
327dd86 Merge remote-tracking branch 'berkerpeksag/patch-2'
a149eaf Update Django version to 1.5.1.
df1965a Fix note markup.
c2d04ff Merge pull request #33 from mattdennewitz/master
579809b Fixed `render()` syntax example
017fbf8 Merge pull request #32 from nvie/master
2d399ab Document the `csrf()` helper function.
8a6fe63 Version bump, 0.6.1.
1cc3c1e Merge pull request #31 from nvie/master
4f9c745 Remove unused imports.
eb6f8b3 Update README, too.
4cac571 Add support for *inclusion* patterns.
f44931d Bump version to 0.6.
a52b9e8 Better monkeypatch and test.
7810633 Make test_csrf work across Django versions.
33d37b9 Django dropped direct_to_template.
b4d1019 Tests run at all on Django 1.5.
b4e4c26 Version bump to v0.5.
e123911 Ignore more.
7c2b3cf Add Changelog.
c5a95c1 Remove deprecated jingo.render().
19f0533 D'oh.
52b1f57 Remove jingo.views and tests. Fix #2.
6f1de5e Add TravisCI configuration.
4361b9a Include monkeypatch from nuggets. Fix #11.
42321f5 Flake8 cleanup.
6736d3b Clarify docs and add EXCLUDE_APPS default. Fix #22.
f705931 Add override kwarg to register.filter. Fix #20.
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1 parent 892ed74 commit f4936a8888778d149164319b629fd5978715fcb7 @willkg willkg committed Dec 4, 2013
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-Subproject commit 1dc0e0bf4a0118ef53adc6967537a511152a040a
+Subproject commit 5e985a5c16e343a30482cc526127a856b1cb45ed

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