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Add a commented line that disables secure cookies.

Most local development installs don't use HTTPS, which means they
need to disable secure cookies in order to use cookies at all

I decided to use a commented line as opposed to disabling them by
default out of fear that they would end up disabled by accident on
the server.
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Osmose committed Jun 12, 2012
1 parent f43b817 commit 55cbe305204943c8c5772004020e1aff4862fab3
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@@ -77,3 +77,7 @@ SECRET_KEY = ''
# Common Event Format logging parameters
#CEF_PRODUCT = 'Playdoh'
#CEF_VENDOR = 'Mozilla'
+# Uncomment this line if you are running a local development install without
+# HTTPS to disable HTTPS-only cookies.

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