@mathjazz mathjazz released this May 11, 2015 · 1790 commits to master since this release

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4fbc34d Removed Playdoh for easier maintenance.
0b423b4 Upgraded to Django 1.8 and removed south.
caeb9ce Replace MySQL to PostgreSQL, more suitable for dealing with strings.
176d8ee Update to django-browserid 1.0.0.
3ee543d Use docker to build development instance of site.
ae7b918 Use peep: "pip install that is cryptographically guaranteed repeatable".
1fc6942 Replaced django-compressor with django-pipeline.
733ae12 Removed obsolete code and requirements (hooks, clients, celery, docs).
65b2d54 Replace initial_data.json with a data migration.
afcb6ef Point pontoon-intro submodule at Mozilla repo.

68758ec Auto update from repository after adding new projects.
eb675c7 Add certificate verification for HTTPS calls (Transvision).

95ddd68 Do not break on adding new projects.
c031f68 Do not break if all locales removed.