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Adds people's names to an element on the page.


  • Start [Number]: is the time that you want this plug-in to execute
  • End [Number]: is the time that you want this plug-in to stop executing
  • Person [String]: is the name of the person who you want to tag
  • Image [String]: is the url to the image of the person - optional
  • href [String]: is the url to the webpage of the person - optional
  • Target [String]: is the id of the document element that the text needs to be attached to, this target element must exist on the DOM


{% highlight js linenos %} var pop = Popcorn( "#video" );

  start: 0,
  end: 10,
  person: "Anna Sob",
  image: "",
  href: "",
  target: "tagdiv"

{% endhighlight %}

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