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0.2 Release - March 1, 2012
337 Ability to login/save/load from a cornfield server
390 Setting trackEvent out time > video duration causes issues
268 Fade in of modal dialogues far too slow
332 Ensure all player types work
427 Better UX for highlighting elements
446 Warning when closing a window dialog manually
428 Change per-file licenses
395 Butter readme should include info on submodules
454 Flash target on click, not hover
438 Tray UI should be no bigger than is necessary to accomodate 4 tracks
256 Timecodes should round to 3 decimal places
449 <style> needs to be removed for getHTML
444 Rogue Track Events appear after moving a track event
452 Template has unneeded html elements
375 Push butter up to mozilla's github account
451 Hovering over new track event does not blink it's default target
391 Creating a new trackEvent should provide a default target
448 Target should blink once when a track event is created
298 Have templates show their ID in the editor view
447 unit tests have errors
401 Timeline tracks allow track events to be position at -0.01 seconds
211 previewer should provide a getHTML function
440 Scrolling Horizontally does not move the vertical scrollbar
277 We lost different colours for plugins
388 Track Editor UI
416 Red "X" for deleting tracks
248 Need to close editor windows
420 Dialog module cleanup
413 Clicking on handle makes it jump forward
425 Polling scrubber spins too often at start
319 Ability to have a UI cue for currently edited element
423 Shouldn't be able to re-order tracks from within trackliner.
424 Zoombar is broken (exception)
280 "Media element" is confusing name for a target
392 importProject is slightly broken
418 Get rid of old and busted scraper code
366 Move code for making targets droppable into core/target
410 Change all occurrences of const to var
389 Calling preview explicitly shouldn't be necessary
351 Timeline scrolling should be triggered by mouse wheel
384 Test template file should not create default trackEvents or too many tracks
409 Dragging scrubber is off by some factor of the timelines duration
255 When collapsing timeline, playhead and play button should remain
411 spacebar for play/pause missing from new tray
405 Remove css that causes timeline media div to grow/shrink
237 Ability to seek
289 Mute button doesn't mute.
372 Default editor needs a better home
399 Track Event Selection
381 Add Tracks UI segment
368 Target object's id should reflect the element's id
397 Add play/pause and mute buttons.
335 Click on timeline to move playhead
254 Much confusion re: "Apply" and "OK"
400 Moving the playhead/scrubber while playing should mimic HTML5 behaviour
382 Right-click on slider doesn't let go on mouse up
186 Event editor should update when track events are moved
370 Click on scrollbars to move timeline
386 I cloned the latest Butter repo - no events appear on timeline
234 EventEditor chops "http:" off of webpage plugin src.
266 plugins should default to a target, not media element
305 Timeline changes from editors are slow to update in Chrome
294 Error checking only works when creating new project
275 Hard to use apostrophes
283 In edit track dialogue, buttons are weird
270 edge grabbers for events should be larger and more obvious
349 Extra default editor
257 Add .DS_Store to .gitignore
369 Draggable issues in Chrome
377 Fix Failing Core Tests
376 Upgrade libs
367 getTarget should be changed to match getMedia
378 Timeline zooming still causing resize issue in Chrome
239 Escape key should dismiss dialog windows
334 Add helper to event draggables
374 Dialog module has some poor naming conventions
311 Make zoom match timeline style
26 Timeline should be zoomable
86 hitting enter to accept plugin/track changes
350 core/media.js should access Popcorn directly
192 Editor dialogs should be non-modal
331 Crash on loading editor for certain plugins (base.manifest)
345 Get playhead to follow currentTime of video
346 Editors to use dialog module (and work at all)
236 Fix Failing Core Tests
264 Ugly scrollbars on timeline
333 Target-droppable events
336 Currentime looping causes video jitter
235 We need better names for track.js/trackevent.js
282 Editor dialogues should be draggable
263 Passing no Arguments into butter.getMedia throws an Exception
216 When butter finds data-butter="media", should check if target is a <video>
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