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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ Mozilla no longer maintains this project. However, if you think you can take it
-Mozilla's HTML5 Video Framework: [](
+Mozilla's HTML5 Video Framework
@@ -27,23 +27,19 @@ The Popcorn.js community is a mix of developers, filmmakers, artists, and everyt
* [Mailing List for Users](
* [IRC Channel for Developers and Technical Users](irc://
* [Twitter @popcornjs](!/popcornjs)
-* [Documentation](
-* [Example Web Productions built with Popcorn.js](
+* [Documentation](
* [File a Bug](
For Developers
You can follow the project's bugs and activity [here](
-Project workflow and developer guidelines are available [here](
For Plugin Authors
Popcorn.js offers a powerful plugin architecture. Plugins are a way for developers to wrap web functionality and allow it to be placed on a timeline, responding to a point in a video or other media resource.
-Take a look at our growing [gallery of officially supported plugins](
+Take a look at our growing [gallery of officially supported plugins](
Have you built a cool plugin, or have an idea for one? Let us know!

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