How to loop a popcorn.js sequence? #370

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I have created a simple sequence of videos using popcorn.js following the documentation:

I need the sequence to loop after ending so I added a listener like:

function playsequence(){;
sequence.listen( 'canplaythrough', playsequence );
sequence.listen( 'ended', playsequence );

The thing is that when the sequence ends, the last video is repeated once and then it stops.

Any idea on how could I get a loop for the entire sequence?


I've been looking at sequencer but I can't find good documentation.

I managed to do it using sequence like this:

clips = [
                src: "/video/720_1.mp4",
                in: 0,
                out: videos_duracion
                src: "/video/720_2.mp4",
                in: 0,
                out: videos_duracion

loop = 0;
function init(){
    if( typeof sequence != "undefined" ){
    sequence = Popcorn.sequence(
    sequence.listen( 'canplaythrough', );
    sequence.listen( 'ended', init );
    console.log( loop );
    loop = loop+1;


It seems to be working fine, although it sometimes stops randomly after several repetitions without throwing any error.

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