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dseif commented Aug 30, 2012

...en calling removePlugin

@ScottDowne ScottDowne commented on the diff Aug 30, 2012
// update for loop if something removed, but keep checking
- idx--; sl--;
- if ( obj.data.trackEvents.startIndex <= idx ) {
+ if ( obj.data.trackEvents.startIndex > sl ) {
ScottDowne Aug 30, 2012 Contributor

Are you sure this should be reversed?

I worry this was here to make sure if the currently indexed track event is removed, we are not forced to scrub forward and back to be able to get the proper index.

ScottDowne Aug 31, 2012 Contributor

So yes, I am pretty sure you want to keep the old code, being <=

You also probably want to make sure it never goes below 0. If it currently is 0, and you're removing the first three track events, you want to keep it at 0, otherwise, you want to go back one.


Need some tests to prove it :)

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