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script to do the aurora -> beta merge

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+# Merge from aurora to beta
+set -e
+if [ -z "$1" ]; then
+ echo "betamerge <OLD_BRANCH_POINT>"
+ echo
+ echo "where OLD_BRANCH_POINT should be the tag/revision we last merged to beta"
+ echo "e.g. BETA_BASE_$(date -d'now - 6 weeks' +%Y%m%d)"
+ exit 1
+#hg clone
+#hg clone
+# Get hgtool from, in the buildfarm/utils
+# directory, and then set HG_SHARE_BASE_DIR to something like $HOME/repos
+# to get hg sharing goodness
+VERSION=$(cat mozilla-aurora/browser/config/version.txt | sed 's/.0a2//')
+OLDVERSION=$(cat mozilla-beta/browser/config/version.txt)
+aurora_rev=$(hg -R mozilla-aurora id -i -r default)
+beta_rev=$(hg -R mozilla-beta id -i -r default)
+DATE=$(date +%Y%m%d)
+# Close up the old branch
+hg tag -R mozilla-beta FIREFOX_BETA_${OLDVERSION}
+hg commit -R mozilla-beta --close-branch -m 'closing old head'
+# Tag the revision we're basing beta off of
+hg tag -R mozilla-aurora BETA_BASE_${DATE}
+# Pull aurora changes into beta
+hg pull -R mozilla-beta -r BETA_BASE_${DATE} mozilla-aurora
+hg update -C -R mozilla-beta
+# Version bumps
+(cd mozilla-beta; sed -i -e 's/a2//g' browser/config/version.txt js/src/config/milestone.txt config/milestone.txt mobile/
+hg -R mozilla-beta commit -m 'Version bump'
+echo "Please review!"
+echo hg out -R mozilla-beta
+echo hg out -R mozilla-aurora
+echo hg log -b default -X mozilla-beta/.hgtags -R mozilla-beta -r ${OLD_BRANCH_POINT}:FIREFOX_BETA_${OLDVERSION}

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