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Commits on Feb 10, 2011
@Mardak Mardak Closes #143: Dashboard misaligned on Windows with glass enabled
Compute the offset in a cross-platform, windowed/maximized/full-screen independent way.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #142: Plugins reload when activating/disabling temporarily
Change the browser position to relative once and keep it at that so future disable/enable don't reload plugins.
Commits on Feb 11, 2011
@Mardak Mardak Closes #93: Layout is wrong when resizing and slightly wrong when goi…
…ng full screen

Do a soft disable/re-enable similar to alt-ctrl-shift-d when the user finishes resizing.
Commits on Feb 25, 2011
@Mardak Mardak Closes #147: Refactor onOpen/onClose to be created as a trigger
Share a makeTrigger that allows adding callbacks and a way to remove the callback. Fix up uses that expected adding a callback returns the callback.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #154: Stop showing the page context when doing stuff
Add an onClean handler to clean up the various ways to dismiss the context such as click/key/scroll/timer.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #151: Page thumbnail for the currently selected and previewed …
…tab is missing shadows

Refactor shadows into an object instead of multiple shadow variables and make sure to combine shadows with a comma.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #152: Adaptive results aren't completely using adaptive ordering
Make sure to add by adaptive use count instead of frecency ordering of adapted results.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #148: Refactor images hash to be [name][size] with no dots
Rename the default favicon to follow [name][size] and switch uses to plain images. instead of images[].
@Mardak Mardak Closes #150: Refactor various window helpers into a separate function
Move various window-dependent helper functions from various callers like removeChrome and addDashboard so that they can be picked out as desired.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #149: Refactor setTimeout to async that allows simple cancelin…
…g of the timer

Create an async call that knows how to cancel itself and clean up on unload. Replace all uses of setTimeout/clearTimeout with async.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #156: Only show the top site's favicon on hover
Collapse by default and uncollapse when hovering.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #157: Don't allow other sites to be hovered when one site is s…
…till being highlighted

Prevent unwanted mouse events when mousing between the thumbnail and icon and other sites.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #153: Refactor image adding code to simplify specifying attrib…
…utes and styles

Support a number of attributes and styles and make sure various uses of height attribute vs style are kept in order.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #160: Allow top sites to be customized (moved, resized, positi…
…oned, zoomed)

Add various images and drag listeners to show and handle click-and-drag areas to customize the site. Save the values locally so that multiple drags work as expected.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #158: Unable to close a tab and select the previous tab with s…
…hift-w or shift-delete

Always move forwards or backwards through the array and cap out the ends appropriately. Keep a reference to the last shown preview to detect when not to re-show.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #161: Compute the top site's size, position, etc once instead …
…of on each rendering

For now just hardcode various sizes that aren't resolution independent and read out properties when needed.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #162: Save site customizations across soft-resets (hotkey alt-…

Instead of just saving the values locally, write them back to the top sites array when editing is done.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #106: Thumbnails don't save for future use upon closing firefox
Save the top sites data into a pref and read it out to avoid crunching top sites data every time.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #159: Home Dash flashes (disables and reenables) on new windows
Wait until the dashboard is added (and chrome removed) before adding resize listeners.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #155: Additionally stop showing page context when moving the m…
…ouse a little

Refactor mouse moving logic that triggers on exceeding a threshold and use it to detect movement to hide the context.
@Mardak Mardak Closes #163: Allow lightweight customization of dragging around the s…
…napshot without editing

Do similar code as the normal drag position handler but make sure to ignore the resulting click.
@Damte Damte Closes #164: Add localization for it
First Italian translation.
(cherry picked from commit 1094a84)
@Mardak Mardak Bump Home Dash version to 6. 0e087b5
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