Clicking on existing URL in bar eliminates the URL. #433

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morby commented May 26, 2011

Clicking on the existing URL in the Awesomebar eliminates the entry that is listed, giving you a blank field. This is inconsistent with Ctrl-L which places the focus in the same field but does not blank it out. Instead it selects everything and allows me to continue from there, which is consistent with the behaviour in Firefox 3 & 4, pre-awesomebar.

One click in the Awesomebar field should select the entire URL much like pressing Ctrl-L.

Mardak commented May 26, 2011

If you click on the url text, it'll fill it in with the url.

morby commented May 26, 2011

That's good to know. It's not very obvious though. Is there a specific reason for this change? The Awesomebar responds identically with a Google search if I click on the text versus clicking anywhere and just plow ahead with an entry, save for a popup indicating I should press tab to pick Google.

So what is the benefit behind not selecting the contents of the entire field when in the first place? How will this behaviour translate in future versions of Firefox if, say, the Awesomebar is no longer the width of the browser window therefore removing much of the white space or if the URL itself is super long and impossible to not click on, like the typical Google Images link?

grssam commented May 26, 2011

I dont know about you , but when I (left) click my url , then it gets selected , without giving a blank field. There must be an addon conflict in your case. Please check

morby commented May 27, 2011

I did. What was I looking for? The standard behaviour of the Awesomebar is:

  1. if you click on the URL, you highlight the URL.
  2. if you click in the URL bar (not on the URL itself), it clears it.

Is that not how Awesomebar is currently supposed to behave?

grssam commented May 27, 2011

You explicitly mentioned that clicking on the existing URL clears the entry. Which means that clicking on the text .

but if u click anywhere else the text , it will empty the urlbar

morby commented May 28, 2011

My apologies. The opening post was written back when I didn't understand that the Awesomebar had two seperate behaviours depending on where you clicked in it. I had thought no matter where you clicked in the Awesomebar, you'd experience the same interaction.. which I was later told by the developer himself, that this is not the case.

Subsequent posts have been about whether or not it is a good idea for that behaviour to be the case. I don't feel it is because it's not consistent.

gossi commented Oct 3, 2011

Hey there,

I accidentaly discovered this "feature". Before my own discovery - which I had well let me assume after running this addon half a year - I thought this would be a bug - like @morby feeled about it.

What this did to me is, that I refused to click on the url-bar to change my address and rather used the keyboard shortucts for selection. This is very good to educate people on keyboard commands ;)

Well, so I don't feel very comfortable with that behavior. Like for now, the github address is using not even a third of the awesomebars space. So, If I wanted to change my address now, I'm loosing target area for my cursor (= Fitts Law). The space to issue a new search is now immensively big in comparison to the space to change my address.
Nevertheless I am still able to search by keyboard shortcut (cmd+k) or select the awesomebar + tab, or click and just type your search words if they are more than one, this will work just fine.


I also see potential in this approach and it has still one-click-to-search available, I'd request an option to let the users decide which behavior they want to use.

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