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Print preview does not work #519

aleth opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Print preview, which worked fine in LessChrome 6, seems to be broken again (i.e. the print preview toolbar is not displayed).


I was just about to comment on that. Yes, LessChrome eats the very necessary Print Preview bar and mousing over where it should be no longer brings it back.


exactly the same problem. here is my ad-hoc remedy. hope it helps.

  1. install Custom Buttons or keyconfig

  2. define a new button or hotkey

  3. assign the code below to your new button or key, which will act as a flip-flop switch to turn LessChrome ON/OFF
    // Begin Code
    function(addon) {
    if (addon && addon.isActive) {
    addon.userDisabled = true;
    else {
    addon.userDisabled = false;
    // End of Code

  4. turn LessChrome ON/OFF when needed


This regression is due to this commit

Undoing it fixes the problem. (It is unclear to me however which problem the commit was trying to address, so I can't say what other bug might reappear if you do this.)


Ah, it fixes the print preview regression, but it sometimes prevents adjustment of the offset after a the URL bar is hidden, leading either to a grey bar at the top of the screen or to issue #516, as the case may be.

@aleth aleth referenced this issue from a commit in aleth/prospector
aleth Fix for issue #519: Make print preview usable f0c8a2f
@Mardak Mardak closed this issue from a commit
aleth Closes #519: Print preview does not work [r=Mardak]
Make print preview usable
(cherry picked from commit f0c8a2f)
@Mardak Mardak closed this in f1b7363
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