Add a better UI for searching and switching in AwesomeBar HD. #616

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Also fixing some other minor errors on the way.
I am adding comments to the commits also but that may take time .
Please feel free to install this version of addon and test it.

scrapmac added some commits Jul 31, 2011
@scrapmac scrapmac Add a panel to inform the user suggesting him to switch to the catego…
…ry by pressing tab
@scrapmac scrapmac Add the associated functions to show and hide the suggestion panel.
External functions used are dominant favicon color by mardak from the addon dominant favicon color .
@scrapmac scrapmac Update the already existing functions so as to integrate completePane…
…l with the addon.
@scrapmac scrapmac Adding initial implementation for Identity box UI.
The code might not work at this stage .
@scrapmac scrapmac Updating the existing functions to work with the newly added identity…
… box .
@scrapmac scrapmac Removing the functions not used anymore (check selection , and a list…
…ener for cursor move.)
@scrapmac scrapmac Add a panel to hint user that he can backpress to exit that category. 38f6b52
@scrapmac scrapmac Adding showPanel function related to the exitCategory panel , and ref…
…ering it wherever needed
@scrapmac scrapmac Adding tab open and tab close handlers to update category per tab.
Also adding the function which maintains the category of each tab in an array
@scrapmac scrapmac Better handling the escape key press.
New behavior : deselect any popup bar selected value->clear urlbar if any text is there->blur out of urlbar
@scrapmac scrapmac Updating the code and adding functions to correctly check if the urlb…
…ar's value has been changed by any other script or addon or a redirect.
@scrapmac scrapmac Updating the prefetcher.load function as there is no need to return u…
…rl , and also to not to prerender "" strings
@scrapmac scrapmac Fixing the glitch that even if the last search category is in icon mo…
…de, a "." is still shown.
@scrapmac scrapmac Adding an async call to proccess.input at the start of addon.
Also fixing the makeWord and firstCapital functions

With this the addon is complete on the feature I was building.

scrapmac added some commits Aug 6, 2011
@scrapmac scrapmac Defining async before caling it in the startup function d3cfa49
@scrapmac scrapmac removing async call , as window not defined at that point of code.
Also changing the makeword function to split across "/" instead of "." so that if the user presses enter instead of Tab upon category suggestion , he is navigated to the site itself .
@scrapmac scrapmac removed process input call by mistake b0db841
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