oneLiner - only show the search button if user has the searchbox on the toolbar #632

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How about implementing something like this in oneLiner? For people that just use the address bar for searching and don't have the separate search window displayed, it makes little sense for oneLiner to then put this back on the toolbar - albeit in the form of a small button.

This code works for me, but I would appreciate any feedback as to how to improve it.

i5m and others added some commits Sep 16, 2011

i5m Only display search button if searchbar was shown
For users who remove the searchbar/box and just use the "omnibar"
approach to searching it makes little sense for oneLiner to add
a search button to the toolbar.

* Declares search as a var inside the function, rather than use a let
  statement, so that it can be modified inside an if statement
* If statement detects whether searchbar is enabled and only
  generates button, etc if it is.
i5m Re-identing only within new IF statements 3dca3ac
atomicules Make sure appmenu button appears on the Left
This may well be Linux/Fedora specific, but using oneLiner meant
that the appmenu button (the thing you get if you don't show the
menu bar) always displayed inbetween the urlbar and the tabs. And
to me that just looked stupid. So this forces it to the far left.

No idea what happens on other platforms with these changes.

Didn't realise this was still open. Think I'll close it now!

atomicules closed this Dec 18, 2013

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