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A design system for Mozilla websites.
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A modular design system for Mozilla websites.

Getting Started

Protocol is built on the Node.js platform and published to NPM, so be sure to have both installed before proceeding.


To use Protocol in your website you can install the core package directly from NPM:

npm install @mozilla-protocol/core --save

Alternatively, you can also download the latest release from GitHub.


Once installed, the relevant CSS and JS files will be available in your project under ./node_modules/@mozilla-protocol/core/.

The core CSS file is bundled as protocol.css, which contains styling for things such as basic elements and typography. Component and layout CSS is bundled as protocol-extra.scss for convenience.

Note: The original source (.scss) files are also included in the published package. You may want to consider compiling your own CSS to include only what you need for each page of your website, in order to further optimize for performance.

Building From Source

To build Protocol from source including the documentatiion site, you can clone the repo from GitHub:

$ git clone
$ cd protocol
$ npm start

Running npm start will install dependencies, build your toolkit, and start the development server at http://localhost:3000.

Further Documentation

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