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Spark bindings for Mozilla Telemetry

Deploying a code change

After having your PR reviewed and merged create a new release on github. A new pypi release will be automatically triggered by Travis.

Installing from pypi

  • To install this package from pypi run:
pip install python_moztelemetry


moztelemetry/ is a mirror of its counterpart from mozilla-central. To update it to the latest version you can run


Note that this file was formerly called and was renamed in Bug 1419761.

Testing locally

To test/debug this package locally, the recommended procedure is to build a docker image with the appropriate dependencies, then execute the unit tests inside it:

docker build -t moztelemetry_docker .
./ # will run tests inside docker container

You can also run a subset of the tests by passing arguments to

./ -ktest_unpack # runs only tests with key "test_unpack"
./ tests/heka # runs only tests in tests/heka