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The link to the template project has changed, you may want to change this at the same time


What has it changed to? This will likely need changing in a lot of projects then.


It's now owned by mozilla not AutomatedTester and yes lots of readmes need to be updated but just in general!


Updated the link. I suggest we discuss README files during the work week. So much of this is duplicated, it would be great to link out to a single source wherever possible.


Thanks, Dave. Merging this one in too.

@stephendonner stephendonner merged commit 9803c47 into mozilla:master
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@@ -6,11 +6,6 @@ Automated tests for the QMO website.
Running Tests
-### Java
-You will need a version of the [Java Runtime Environment][JRE] installed
### Python
Before you will be able to run these tests you will need to have Python 2.6 installed.
@@ -30,20 +25,13 @@ If you are running on Ubuntu/Debian you will need to do following first
to install the required Python libraries.
-### Selenium Grid
-Once this is all set up you will need to download and start a Selenium Grid instance. Probably the simplest way to do this is to clone the [moz-grid-config][MozGridConfig] repository and follow the instructions in the README to start both a hub and webdriver instance.
### Running tests locally
To run tests locally its a simple case of calling the command below from this directory
- py.test --browsername=<BROWSER_NAME> --browserver=<BROWSER_VERSION> --platform=<PLATFORM> tests
-All parameters are required, and depend on the environments provided by your Selenium Grid instance. For example:
+ py.test --driver=firefox
- py.test --browsername=FIREFOX --browserver=4.0 --platform=MAC tests
+For more command line options see
Writing Tests
@@ -56,7 +44,7 @@ we'd like to ask you to do:
3. Fork this project with your own GitHub account
4. Make sure all tests are passing, and submit a pull request with your changes
-[GitHub Templates]:
+[GitHub Templates]:
[Style Guide]:
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